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It’s just been showing a test screen recently so we therefore decided not to stream it.Fortunately most of the action has been viewable via Barncam, although in the last couple of days the presumed 2 older siblings appear to have started dispersal.12th – after some investigative work, it’s looking increasingly likely that the issue with loss of sound on Nestcam may be to do with a recent Windows 10 update.We’re still looking for a fix but have not as yet found one.22nd – the smallest owlet seems to have died overnight on the 20th leaving 3 owlets.Today there are a few small mammals dotted around on the floor.

7th – rather surprisingly, a visit to the site yesterday resulted in the successful replacement of the Barncam camera.1st – unfortunately, the intermittent fault with Barncam’s IR lamp first identified some weeks ago, and which plunged the camera view into darkness every now and again outside of daylight hours, appears to have become rather more permanent.Please be assured that plans are afoot to visit in the near future in the hope that we can rectify the problem. October 2017 11th – despite there being a pair of Barn Owls variously at roost in the nestbox or on the tray for most of yesterday, there appears to be nothing to see today.Owlet 2 became airborne for the first time last night.June 2017 28th – all 3 owlets were out of the box and on the tray last night.

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It was apparent that some of the IR lamps had burnt out so the substitute camera generously supplied by Wildlife TV was fitted and the zoom and focus played around with until it was as close to the original view as we could manage. Whilst there, we received reports from the landowner of food begging noises at an adjacent site.

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