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Well, indeed life becomes bliss when you have love and care in your life.

Some are lucky whereas some are not lucky with regards to love.

Then we might have probable answers for you through our Love Horoscope application Our Free Love Horoscope provides you predictions based your Zodiac Sign and Date of Birth.

Your information undergoes complex calculations to provide you with most correct predictions about your present or budding relationship.

Thus bamboo has become a symbol for longevity and is an example and symbol to us all that the way to a long happy like is to go with the flow endure the hardships and look forward to calm and easy days.

Apricot blossoms symbolize the wish for successful passing of examinations.

Sung Tzu-ching, President of the Board Works and a celebrated author once wrote "The scholar has reaped the reward that is due, And homeward returns on his wearying steed; When the blossoming apricots come into view, He urges his charger to bear him with speed."The fruit of the apricot is symbolic of the delicate grace and appeal of the female.

However it is believed since time unknown that the stars and planets seem to influence your Love life.

Have you ever experienced that the person you love may not be the right person for you regarding love? For example: - if you are of Capricorn sign then you would be compatible with Taurus and Virgo.

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