Consolidating conservation districts problems

The act established the Soil Conservation Service, a permanent agency of the USDA.

“They get to tailor them to local communities.” The resurrection of Midland’s district is “a good story of people turning the thing around,” Shine said.“They aren’t really, technically, state or county agencies,” he said.The Department of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Quality and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development have programs that are delivered to or through private landowners by the conservation districts, he added.Now, although some Michigan districts consolidate more than one county, each county is served by a conservation district, said Stephen Shine, manager of the conservation programs unit at the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.Soil conservation districts are similar to school districts in that they are special-purpose units of state government, Shine said.

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Methods include planting trees, cleaning up land along bodies of water and combating soil erosion. The district’s revival began when Thurlow wrote to state officials stating her interest in becoming a board member.

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