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But don't think that there are strict borders between these two kinds of volunteering; if you volunteered to lead the creation of a program that trains volunteers to help in disaster relief, you would be engaging in BOTH kinds of volunteering.

If you created a permanent food bank so people could donate food and others in need could receive it, you would be engaging in BOTH kinds of volunteering.

The projects included restoring a historical garden, creating a documentary film, a book drive/awareness day regarding the plight of women and children in Uganda, an awareness campaign regarding Alzheimer's disease using a family's personal experience with the disease, saving a historical structure, and a campaign to promote the importance of good nutrition. Look at those projects - is there one that you could replicate or adapt in your community?

Here's another article about recent Girl Scout Gold Award winners meeting the President, and it includes descriptions of their projects. And if all of this still isn't enough to give you an idea...

This page is not an official Girl Scouts, Duke of Edinburgh, or any other nonprofit's page.

This page is one person's entirely individual, voluntary opinion.

Many could also be broken down or scaled back into smaller activities.

Many of these ideas could become regular yearly events.

Successfully undertaking such a project would most definitely get the attention of potential employers!

You can also try looking through the volunteering opportunities that are posted to all the major volunteer matching web sites.

Look for opportunities for projects that would meet the requirements of a Girl Scouts Gold or Silver Awards or whatever leadership volunteering award you are trying to achieve: If you find a nonprofit you would like to help, but don't see a volunteering opportunity listed at that organization that would fit the requirements of the leadership volunteering award/experience you are pursuing, but you have an idea for such a project, or, call the organization directly and tell them what you would like to do as a volunteer.

Note: The Girl Scout Advocate Award is earned by Girl Scout Ambassadors who choose to complete the eight Steps to Advocacy as they explore an issue that they find intriguing and exciting, engage community partners and advocate for change.

Whether or not their advocacy effort succeeds, girls will have taken steps to make the world a better place!

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