Denny hamlin dating jordan fish

Our lives are inverted compared to a normal person's life.

We're doing our jobs on the weekends when they get their time off.

When they're there and spending the night, it has its challenges.

Maybe if you're in a routine like Matt is, you get used to it, but we're not in that routine. It suits our schedule and how I like to prepare for the race.

When Johnson, Kenseth and Harvick entered NASCAR's premier series between 2000-02, their priorities were much different."Then everybody was worried about where the party was," Johnson told USA TODAY Sports with a laugh. FINDING THE BALANCE How do NASCAR stars' lives change on the road and at home with kids?

The answers are as varied as the setups on their cars.

We did that one time, and it was a total disaster the next couple of weeks getting him back on his schedule. But kids are changing on a daily basis, and you just have to keep up with what they like on that particular day.Cold, rainy days aren't near as much fun as warm, sunny days because you can go outside.My son wants to be outside constantly." Newman: "It's tricky (for drivers) raising kids.That's the gathering spot for all of us that have young kids."There's a lot of energy in here."Harvick, whose son, Keelan, turns 2 next month, is one of many feeling it heading into this year's Father's Day race at Michigan International Speedway.Thirteen drivers are first-time dads with children under the age of 7, with David Ragan becoming the latest Thursday.

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