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My mother used to say, “These people are hurt and they chose a wrong lifestyle.” Being a happy young child I never understood this.

At school I was called names like faggot, etc., but I thought those words were meant for men who dressed in women’s clothes or who were acting feminine.

The church follows the very strict teaching of Calvin.

I remebered hearing of homosexual people during my primary school years.

A man had apparently handed himself over in connection with Flax’s murder and was still to appear in court. "He had poor vision and he was one of those men who grew up in a community where homosexuality was suppressed.

I think it often appears as though older men have money." Flax was retired and worked as a volunteer at the Jacob Gitlin library.

Becuase my mother had no job when we moved to the south of my country, we had to go and live with my grandparents. My sister and I were brought up without any knowledge of the world out there.But to be attacked with so much violence, that I don’t understand,” said Mc Laggan.Reader notice: Our comments service provider, Civil Comments, has stopped operating and will terminate services on 20th Dec 2017.In the earlier years I would change in the toilets for school sports when the other boys changed, because I suppose like any hetero girl I knew that this was the “forbidden” territory.I was fascinated by male bodies and I wanted to see more.

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