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This will not make his position any better if he were to go back there.

'He is clearly in danger of his life if he were to go back there.'The barrister said Hosseini was sorry and ashamed of what he had done and for the embarrassment he had caused his family.

'He had been communicating with us on social media in perfect English.

He said: 'He escaped from the religious intolerance in Iran.A US defense official said the Iranian Revolutionary Guard ship came within 150 yards of the Thunderbolt and did not respond to radio calls, flares or warning sirens, forcing the Americans to fire warning shots.'The IRGCN boat was coming in at a high rate of speed.It did not respond to any signals, they did not respond to any bridge-to-bridge calls, they felt there was no choice except to fire the warning shots,' the defense official said.The Iranian boat then went 'dead in the water' after the shots and the vessels all left the area.The episode marks the latest in a series of close encounters between US ships and Iranian naval vessels.

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