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This also gives a date for creation 2348 1656 = 4004 BC.

Ussher's date is based on calculations the Old Testament record.

These estimates are promoted by young-Earth creationists, and by the vast majority of Christian para-church organizations that specialize in origins.

However, in 1738, De Vignoles stated that he had found no fewer than 200 estimates of the date of creation, all based upon various diverse interpretations of the Bible.

Now it appears some adjustments might be necessary - like revised editions of virtually every ancient history text.

gives a comprehensive record that traces the entire history of the world.

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Currently, there is a near consensus among earth scientists that the age of "Earth and [the rest of] our solar system is 4.54 billion years, plus or minus 0.02 billions years." Both values are in conflict with interpretations of the biblical accounts of creation by "young earth" creationists.

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