All three are very accommodating, in different ways.Let’s hope they don’t have to do any “re-accommodating” again anytime Yv8Q— Bradd Jaffy (@Bradd Jaffy) April 10, 2017 An administrative error had apparently seen the flight overbooked.With four seats needed to enable United employees to make their shifts on flights the following day, airline employees asked for volunteers to have their tickets re-assigned to another flight.United Airlines president Oscar Munoz offended multitudes with an initial tweet that reeked of Orwellian corporatespeak: “I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers.”His follow-up efforts sounded more heartfelt.But cellphone videos of David Dao being banged into armrests as he was dragged down the aisle of United Flight 3411 have given new meaning to the expression “bumped from a flight.”Dr.

A second video showed him, still bleeding from the previous altercation, somehow managing to re-enter the plane while repeatedly saying “I need to go home”.When the uproar persisted, Munoz doubled down with two more I-just-can't-stop-myself statements: Dao was "disruptive and belligerent" and "defied" the cops, staff treated him "politely" and were "left with no choice," there are "lessons we can learn" but he commends his team "for continuing to go above and beyond to ensure we fly right." Public vengeance was swift.United stocks plunged, in a few hours posting losses of over a billion dollars - or, as one tweet noted, "The stock market re-accommodated United Airlines. Our prices are unbeatable but not our customers..." Boycott calls spread so loudly that Munoz finally seemed to get it.As they dragged him out, appalled passengers shrieked, cried, yelled "Oh my God! They also filmed the dazed bloody doctor stumbling back in, mumbling "just kill me." When the video started circulating, United C. - "having to re-accommodate these customers," evidently having missed the part where surly cops carted a bleeding older man off their plane after beating him up.Chicago police, being Chicago police, helpfully added hey too bad the guy cut open his face when "he fell" on that armrest.

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Dao highlighting a "profoundly unequal, and even morally scandalous, relationship between consumers and corporations in industries where a handful of large companies dominate." Critics charge that the carnage by United, which seems to have forgotten they're carrying "human beings, not auto parts," is a dangerous sign of that inequity.

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