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W., what inspired you to tell disparate stories with this particular character as a sort of unreliable narrator? MAXWELL PRINCE: The stories came first, and the Ice Cream Man kind of ambled his way in after.

I knew I wanted to tell a bunch of different little ditties, all sad, about different people, with different laws of reality governing the narratives.

How is it genre-defying, and can you hint at what readers can expect?

PRINCE: I think the issues answer the question: Chapter One is this sort of existential horror thing with a handful of creepy-crawlies; Chapter Two is a pretty straightforward tragedy about two opioid addicts; Chapter Three is about a washed up rock singer (à la Bill Haley) finding a fantastical world in his basement, wherein he has to write the perfect song to save all of humanity.

It was not nice to see that.''I felt angry at both of them.'' He sent Sarah a text calling her a "sket" – slang for someone who is promiscuous. She has been texting and ringing me.''Saunders went on: ''He said, 'why don't you f*** off and leave me alone'.''He pushed me.

Or, I dunno, maybe all of these things just live in a kind of harmonic order—the cheery, joy-bringing stuff, and the unfortunate sorrowful stuff, all as one.

Mr Lawson tried to run but tripped and was then set upon with punches and kicks before Saunders delivered the fatal blow. Keep him there."But Saunders denied taking along a knife.

Saunders told the court he was "upset, really upset, and angry" after receiving the sex act photo.''I assumed the man in the picture was Michael Lawson,'' he said.''I loved her. He said he confronted Mr Lawson in the street and told him: ''She just used you.

Big's happily ever after (or lack thereof) will play out on the big screen.

After weeks of speculation, Chris Noth has closed a deal to reprise his iconic character from "Sex and the City" in the upcoming feature based on the hit HBO series.

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