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The ordinance states “there is no constitutional right for an individual to appear in public nude or in a state of nudity.Whatever personal right one has to be nude or in a state of nudity that right becomes subject to government interest and regulation when one seeks to exercise it in public.”Further, the ordinance reads, “equal protection clause does not demand that things that are different in fact be treated the same in law, nor that a government pretend there are no physiological differences between men and women.”The council voted unanimously in favor of the emergency ordinance.###November 16 – December 31, 2017 See how Ocean City, MD, sparkles this winter and visit the Winterfest of Lights!” A mute point Timberly Marek, a 32-tear-old IT project manager from Portland, Ore., says she recently led a teleconference when one of the participants — who was working from home — accidentally dropped his unmuted phone in the toilet. Eventually, the splashing and swearing cut out as the phone submerged.“We were talking about coding and then we could hear his heavy breathing and then all of a sudden, we heard a splash,” she says. “Forgetting to mute is probably where the majority of mishaps come from,” says Mc Cool, who says she’s heard everything from passing gas to crying kids to screaming taxi drivers to snide remarks about speakers during the teleconferences she’s facilitated.“People will mumble: ‘Man, that person is a jackass,’ ” she says.

Not surprisingly, that too has made for some candid webcamera.

“He was also instant messaging with his girlfriend, planning their evening.

And it was straight up pornographic.” Mc Cool says she tried to delicately remind the guy that his applications were visible to all participants, but he didn’t catch on.

There are moments when you’re blushing for them.” Clueless and cue-less Patricia Wallace, psychologist and author of “The Internet in the Workplace: How New Technology is Transforming Work,” says these kinds of telecommuting snafus are a natural result of communication in an environment that lacks the customary social cues.

“We’ve created a universe in which we can interact with people without being physically present but all the controls that we used to have for our behavior are gone, they’re absent,” she says.

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To make matters worse, often the photos or videos were taken years earlier, long forgotten and long before a current marriage, relationship or employment.

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